Worship Changes and Bible Studies

I share two reminders with you:  First, as our summer worship schedule change takes place over the next few weeks, it’s my hope that you will find the schedule to be amenable to your own summer schedules.  I would also urge you to invite any friends, family members, neighbors, etc. for whom Sunday morning worship doesn’t work for whatever reason to our Wednesday evening services.  As I’ve said before, one of the advantages to offering a service during the week is that it is an opportunity to reach out to persons we might not otherwise.  But it begins with our invitations!   One other note is that the Sunday and Wednesday services will have different themes and messages so that if you attend a Sunday service and then the previous or following Wednesday service, you will not be getting a rerun!   You can see the worship schedule for July elsewhere in The Hotline.

            The other reminder is about our upcoming Bible study opportunities for which you can sign up over the next few weeks.  In the fall, we will begin a 30-week Disciple study entitled “Jesus in the Gospels” as well as an 8-week Invitation to the Old Testament study.  (There will also be an Invitation to the New Testament class offered in early 2016).  These shorter studies are in the style of the Disciple program,  but are designed for those who are unable to commit to the year-long classes.  You will find the sign-up sheets for these opportunities in the narthex where you can also indicate what day and time of week would work best for you.  As always, we will try to schedule the classes to accommodate as many persons as possible.  As always, I look forward to journeying and learning with you!