Lenten Journey

                  As Christians, we frequently compare our faith development to a life-long journey where we progress along the road to fuller maturity in our understanding of and living for Christ and his message.  Every year at this time, we also speak of a “Lenten journey” as we travel in a symbolic sense with Jesus toward Jerusalem and what awaits him there.  For us, the journey of Lent is one of contemplation and repentance as we grow in our appreciation of God’s sacrifice for our sake. 

It’s my hope that our church-wide small group and worship resource for Lent, the book The Gift of New Creation by Thomas Ehrich will deepen our understanding of the journey of this season.  Ehrich is a former Wall Street Journal reporter turned Episcopal priest turned radio host and blogger who in the book examines the traditional Lectionary scriptural passages for each Sunday through the lens of a cross-country journey that he took a few years ago.  What he learned on his journey (among other things) was that the call of Jesus and the Old Testament prophets for justice and mercy for all people is one that still resonates today.  He also writes eloquently of the desired end for all of our faith journeys—that of transformation and new life in Christ. 

As in the past, there are numerous small group meeting days and times to enable the participation of as many folks as possible (see the article elsewhere in this issue of The Hotline or check out the sign-up sheets in the welcome area at church).  I will also be speaking on one of the Biblical passages discussed in the book every Sunday in worship.  I hope that we all will be able to participate in this congregation-wide journey with Jesus to the cross and beyond. 

Blessings on the journey!