Health Update

I wanted to use this opportunity to update our church family on my health status following my bicycle accident on Labor Day morning.  After a couple of days of observation in the hospital due to a serious concussion, and now a couple of weeks at home, I am happy to say that my “outside injuries” (i.e. abrasions, bruises, scrapes, etc.) have healed quickly with the exception of a still large hematoma above my right eye that was the point of impact with the pavement. What I am also discovering is that a brain injury like post-concussion syndrome takes a much longer, even indeterminate, amount of time to heal. Thankfully my symptoms consist mainly of persistent dizziness and light-headedness and there seems to be no loss of memory or cognitive ability at this time.

While I am trying my best to accept this reality, please know that my patience is being greatly tested!   I have been told by numerous doctors that rushing back from a concussion only leads to a greater recovery time. And I say this as a pastor who had never missed a worship service for health reasons in twenty-three years of ministry. I wish to thank all who have and will continue to step up in leadership, especially Carolin and the other staff members, as well as our Lay Servants who will be leading worship during October.  Continued thanks for all of your prayers and support--they mean more to Annette and me than any of you could ever imagine.

Continued blessings,