How do I join?

Holt United Methodist Church welcomes all persons who wish to grow in Christian Community, in the love of God and neighbor, and in Discipleship with Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. 

Persons may unite with this congregation by profession of faith, transfer from another congregation, or may be in affiliate membership when there are strong ties with another church as well as Holt UMC. 

New member classes are offered throughout the year. Please check with the church office, 517-694-8168, for more information. 


A confirmation class is offered for youth, middle school and/or high school. This class is designed to give an overview of faith, basic beliefs, the history and structure of the church and the nature of Christian Discipleship. It is designed to prepare young adults for making a decision about Christian faith and discipleship for themselves. 


Baptisms at Holt UMC are offered as a sacrament of beginning and belonging in the name of Jesus Christ. We baptize youth and adults who are ready to commit themselves to Jesus and infants when parents or guardians desire to raise a child in a Christian home. We do not "rebaptize" but affirm all Christian baptisms as being of God. To set up a required 30 minute pre-baptism session and to schedule a baptism contact the Pastor. Baptisms at the church are normally done by "Sprinkling." Baptisms by pouring or immersion can be arranged.


To arrange for a funeral, memorial service, visitation or funeral luncheon at the church, please contact the church office to coordinate availability and to determine costs.


To arrange for a wedding at the church, contact the church office at 517.694.8168. Office hours are 9 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Thursday. We operate on a "first come, first served" basis, and the ceremony must be performed by one of our pastors. A 50% deposit on church fees is required to secure the date. A free booklet is available which explains church policies and fees as well as the State and County requirements for licensing.

Use of the Church Facilities

The Holt UMC Fellowship Hall and the East Room are available on a limited basis. Fees are charged based on which room is requested. Non-members are also required to have our building manager in attendance during the event.

More information on any of these matters is available by contacting the church office between 9 AM and 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday, 517.694.8168.